What is the Guitar Guinness Record? The annual guitar festival is most of all an occasion for collective play, meetings and exchange of experience, and during this event, an attempt to break the Guinness record is made.

"We help to break the record!" Win an exceptional guitar and support the ZOBACZ MNIE Foundation


This year's Guinness Guitar Record is special in many ways. It is the first time when you can join the "We help to break the record!" charity event and try to win an unusual guitar. The guitar is prepared specially by Szymon Chwalisz who is a creator of the legendary Woodstock guitars. The unique instrument will be a wonderful souvenir of this year's record breaking.

The rules are simple – anyone who donates at least 25 PLN to the SEE ME Foundation will have a chance to become the owner of the guitar. All of the funds collected in the event will be donated for seriously ill children who are under the Foundation's care.

Why is this guitar so amazing?

First of all - it is Yamaha RevStar RSP20CR, worth about 6000 PLN.

Second of all – RIFF and Yamaha Music Europe donated it to us.

Third of all – the guitar is currently in the hands of a talented artist Szymon Chwalisz who is about to paint it in a unique way. This will be an image of a deserted Wrocław's market square in times of the quarantine. This place is usually crowded with thousands of pedestrians. Now, it is empty as it never was. However, the guitar will not be just a unique souvenir in times of epidemic but also a valuable instrument – artistic guitars made by Szymon Chwalisz were sold on auctions for 50 000-60 000 PLN

How to win the guitar?

Now, all you have to do is to read the statute, donate at least 25 PLN for the Foundation (remember about the bank transfer title "POMAGAM REKORDOWO") and on 8th May maybe you will be the lucky winner :)


The winner will be selected on 8th May at 2 pm on the official Guinness Guitar Record profile on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/GitarowyRekord/

Event details: www.zobaczmnie.org

Sponsors guitar:



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