What is the Guitar Guinness Record? The annual guitar festival is most of all an occasion for collective play, meetings and exchange of experience, and during this event, an attempt to break the Guinness record is made.

Guitar Guinness Record in Wrocław: we keep on playing!

GRG online

For the first time ever, this year's edition of the Guitar Guinness Record will take place entirely online. Thanks to the internet streaming, the event will be open to everybody, regardless of location. On 1st May the legendary "Hey Joe" by Hendrix will resound from Wrocław for the 18th time.

– The circumstances are exceptional. We cannot meet at the Wrocław Market Square, but we do not give up. This year we will play together on the internet. Wherever you are – at home, on the balcony or in the garden – we will communicate online with the whole world and share the unifying power of music with the UniVibe sign. UniVibe is a new idea – a sign of unity and a greeting gesture that can replace shaking hands in times of epidemics," says Leszek Cichoński, the initiator of the event.

Thanks to the online streaming, guitar music enthusiasts from all over the world will be able to unite and play together – from Wrocław, to London, to the USA.

The latest information about the Online Guitar Record, including the rules of participation and the programme of the event, is available on the festival's official website: www.heyjoe.pl and on Facebook: www.facebook.com/GitarowyRekord.

The first edition of the biggest guitar celebration took place in 2003. It was at that time when Leszek Cichoński initiated the Great Guitar Orchestra, which performed "Hey Joe", the famous hit by Jimi Hendrix at the Market Square in Wrocław. With 588 participating guitarists, a new Guinness record was set. Last year the event gathered as many as 7,423 guitar fans, who succeeded in breaking the record for the second time in a row. For the first time in history, this year's edition will be held entirely online.

Read more at www.facebook.com/GitarowyRekord


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