What is the Guitar Guinness Record? The annual guitar festival is most of all an occasion for collective play, meetings and exchange of experience, and during this event, an attempt to break the Guinness record is made.

The 15th Guitar Guinness Wrold Record is behind us!

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There were 6299 guitars and it was seen by the whole world! Thank you for the great atmosphere! Next year we’ll meet for the 16th time and we’ll try again! Although we didn’t beat last year’s record which was established in 2016, is still a very big number – bigger than the same kind of record in the USA. But the number is not the most important thing!

This event is already a very important symbol of Wroclaw in Europe – even the famous dwarfs in Wroclaw had their guitars! And especially one – Leszko, the newest dwarf in Wroclaw with the face of Leszek Cichoński, the organizator of the event. The Guitar Guinness World Record it’s not just numbers. By the looking on faces of our guitar players we can tell, that this is all about the happiness and satisfaction. First of all is a reason to get together and play :) It’s also a jam session with the guitarists from Poland and from around the world. It’s a space where professional musicians meet with the amateurs, where you can feel the great atmosphere.

The big scene on the Wroclaw Market Square was almost bending under the masters of guitar playing. We could hear “The Magnificent Seven”, Leburn Maddox, EgonPoki, George Drayer, Jan Borywsewicz, Jelonek, Paweł Domagała, Grzegorz Skawiński and a surprise guest – Dudley Taft. The youngest guitarist was WojtekOlinski, who played “Little Wing” with his friends. In the new arrangements of Henrix's songs also appeared: Wojciech Hoffman, Mietek Jurecki, David Price, Przemek Herring, Sebastian Riedel, Ferenz Tornocky, Greg Koch, Jacek Krzaklewski, Leszek Cichoński, Radek Cichoński, AndrzejMacherek, MarekPopów, Minor Kowalczyk, AndrzejWodziński, "foxy ladys" (Magda Czwojda and Asia Dudkowska) and many others. Tadeusz Nalepa's pieces were mentioned by Robert Luber, Andrzej Nowak, Piotr Nalepa.

During the Record, we had connected with other centers in Europe and in the world, which also paid the tribute to Hendrix that day. All those who did not reach Wroclaw, could watch the live broadcast.

There was also a contest for the guitar made of anything and to the most inventive disguise. The guitars were re-arranged with guitars - photographed by photojournalist Gazeta Wyborcza - the originator of the action - from the bird's eye view.

This year's DVD material was recorded with all the participants, and guitarists were featured on a special record.

After the concerts on Wrocław Market Square there were concerts in Centennial Hall – we could see live Acid Drinkers, Lacuna Coin, Dog it Dog, Enter Shikari and The Cranberries.


logosy jimi

logosy jimi

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