What is the Guitar Guinness Record? The annual guitar festival is most of all an occasion for collective play, meetings and exchange of experience, and during this event, an attempt to break the Guinness record is made.

Everything you need to know before Guitar Guinness World Record!

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We meet 1st of May on Wroclaw Market Square. Registration of participants starts at 10am at the registration points on the Market Square. If you can, print and fill in the pre-registration form (you can download it) - it will save us some time. You have to take your ID, school ID or other document with you. You don't need to be an adult to play with us. Participation in Guitars Guitars Record is FREE! During the registration you will receive the participant's hand-held ID and the official Certificate. You will also be able to purchase special plastic certificates, T-shirts and other festival gadgets.

You can play all types of guitars - acoustic, classical, electric as well as bass. Mandolins, banjo and ukulele are also acceptable. For electric guitars there will be a special sector with the possibility of connecting to the electric power, but we advise you to take with you the extension cable with the splitter.

Concerts start at 10am on a small stage. We will play the Greatest Guitar Songs of All Time and prepare to play together.

Workshops at joint play will be led by Leszek Cichoński. The songs we will be playing this year and instructions on how to play can be found on our website. It is best to learn all the songs, but the most important thing is playing "Hey Joe" - this song is counted to the Guinness Record. During the event on the Market we will connect online with partnering centers abroad, where will be events supporting this year's record. On our website during the whole event there will be Internet broadcast – thanks to that your friends in Poland and abroad will have a possibility to watch this event live on our YT profile: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BNuB-YU_Gy4

The registration of participants ends at 15:45pm – don't wait till the last minute with your registration! After that there will be the last rehearsal of playing "Hey Joe"


About 16:15 pm we will announce this year's official result, and then we will play "Hey Joe" one more time.

At. 17.00 there will be the beginning of the Star's Concert accompanying this year's Record, a detailed program you will find on our webiste. The concert will take place on two stages in the Centennial Hall and Pergola (Wystawowa 1)

Discounted tickets for guitarists will only be sold at the Guitar Guinness Record (that's 1st of May at the Wroclaw Market Square from 10.00 am to 3.30 pm). Discounted tickets will only be valid with Guitar Guinness Record pass - it cannot be given to other people.

Between the Wroclaw Market Square, where will be made an attempt to establish a new Guitar Guinness Record, and Pergola, there will be special public transport. Trams will depart from the stop "Świdnicka" (at the underground crossing) every 5 minutes from 4.30 pm. For guitarists this ride is free.

You can leave your guitars and amplifiers in the Guitars Room in the Centennial Hall. Price: 5 zł for guitar or set of guitar + amplifier.

For guitarists from outside Wroclaw, there is the Festival Tent Field prepared at ul. Wróblewskiego 9, about 400 meters from Centennial Hall and Pergola.

During the whole event, try to do some photos for your social media accounts! Use the hashtag: #3majowka

If you forget anything – don't worry! Our volunteers will help you with everything.

See you on May 1st!


logosy jimi

logosy jimi

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