When will the guitar festival be held this year?
Guitar Feast, or in other words The Guitar Guinness Record, will be taking place on Friday, May 1st.

Is there an official forum or Internet page, where potential participants of record breaking can communicate, for example a common travel to Wroclaw?
We try to pass any necessary information currently on our page and our Facebook profile. It may happen, that local forums often work better and there it is better to find information about the possibility of coming together to Wroclaw. Getting to the place of the event in Wroclaw, meaning the Centennial Hall complex, should not bring any problems. At the station in a well visible place, volunteers will be waiting for the incomers and will be ready to give all the necessary info, you can use trams and buses going to tram and bus stops Hala Stulecia.

Do you have to be an adult to take part in breaking the record?
No, the participants taking part in the record breaking event can be from age 1 to infinity. There are no age limits. You have to be able to pick up the guitar and play with us “Hey Joe”.

What song you do have to know to play at the record breaking?
The basic and necessary song, which is played during the record breaking is “Hey Joe” by Jimi Hendrix. The number of people taking part in playing this song is entered  into the Guinness Records. To learn how to play this song, go to the tab HOW TO PLAY and believe that everyone can play this!
Besides “Hey Joe”, our set is getting bigger each year. In May 2010, we played together: “Little Wing”, “Wild Thing”, “Red House Blues” and “Voodoo Child” by Jimi Hendix, “Smoke on the water” Deep Purple and Breakout - “Kiedy byłem małym chłopcem”. Participants are not obligated to play all the songs, however the fun is bigger and longer when you get to know the additional repertoire. So it depends on your good will and determination.

Will the knowledge of the songs played during the record breaking be verified by the organizers?
Checking the knowledge of all contestants is not possible with that many participants in the event. It may happen that someone will be asked to show their skill. The best verification are the other participants surrounding you. We don't mean to just gather experienced guitarists and virtuosos of music on the Centennial Hall complex, but rather have good fun together with music and authenticity. Both experienced musicians and beginner guitars are welcome. Surely those less experienced will be able to learn "Hey Joe" from the Internet tutorials (go to HOW TO PLAY), courses and workshops made before the record breaking, or from other participants of the event.

Where do you need to go to be added to the participant list? How much time before the record breaking event should one come to the Centennial Hall complex to finish all the formalities?
The command center during the Guinness Record breaking will be set on the Centennial Hall complex. There will be a stage and places for volunteers, who'll help the participants fill in the admittance form and provide with information. The time when our volunteers start with enlisting participants is always passed in the press. Usually it is at 11 am on the day of the festival. From that time preparation starts, checks and workshops of playing in a group, which are guided by Leszek Cichoński. The registration of participants ends at about 3.45 pm, then the main rehearsal and at 4 pm we get to beat the official Guitar Guinness Record. At 5.00 pm the Stars Concert starts.

Do you have to have an ID with you?
To be entered to the participation list, you need to have any ID (school ID, passport, etc). The basic data from those documents will be needed for the volunteers to enter the participant to the festival list.

Can you take any type of guitar with you? (electric, acoustic...)
Any guitar type or model is allowed - acoustic, classic, electric and bass guitar. The most important is having an instrument, the willingness to have fun in a group and faith in your strength. Electric guitarists are suggested to bring their own amplifiers and electric cords with several sockets.

On the posters there is a ticket price. Do you have to pay for admission to the Centennial Hall complex or taking part in the record breaking?
Participation in the Guinness record breaking is free of charge. The price given on the poster is for the Stars Concert, which is part of the Thanks Jimi Festival. For the participants of record breaking events there is a discount on the tickets to the Stars Concert. The information about the amount discounted and the ticket prices should be looked for on the posters and the official page.


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