The annual guitar festival is most of all an occasion for collective play, meetings and exchange of experience, and during this event, an attempt to break the Guinness record is made.

It was Leszek Cichonski's idea to try to break the Guitar Guinness Record when in 1997 he found himself on stage with 17 other guitarists playing "Hey Joe" during the "Blues Express" workshop. The idea for such an undertaking had been developing for several years, until it was finally accepted as worthwhile. It originated in the desire to make something very big and it was the first and most important step to finally breaking the world record!

On 10th of May 2003, "Hey Joe" was played by 588 guitarists in unison! Each year the numbers were successively rising: the year 2004 - 916 guitarists, in 2005 we crossed the magic one thousand barrier with quite a frank margin. Exactly 1201 guitarists played at that time.

Now we have 2020 and 17 editions of Guitar Guinness Record behind us with more than 7000 guitarist every year in Wroclaw. This year we have a chance to beat the Guinness record for the third time in a row! That is a thrilling challenge.

We need 7 423 guitars (or ukuleles) and... you!

Guitar Guinness Record is also a great occasion to participate in the Concert of the Stars with real guitar legends performing from all over the world like Deep Purple, Al Di Meola, Ten Years After, Tommy Emmanuel, Europe, The Animals, Steve Vai, Slade, Status Quo and Polish stars like Perfect, Dżem, TSA or Acid Drinkers.

World Guitar Record 2020

For the first time ever, this year's edition of the Guinness Guitar Record will take place entirely online. The circumstances are exceptional. We cannot meet at the Wrocław Market Square, but we can still play together on the internet!

On 1st May together we will attempt to start the World's Greatest Guitar Orchestra – what an opportunity to reach the whole world! We will play at home – on balconies, in backyards, by open windows or in armchairs in front of a computer screen – wherever you feel most comfortable!

During this year's event we will greet one anoher with the sign of UniVibe (Uniting Vibration of Music), which represents the unifying power of music. UniVibe is a new idea – a sign of unity and a greeting gesture that can replace shaking hands in times of epidemics.

The streaming from Wroclaw will be available at and our FB and YouTube profiles, as well as the channels of our media patrons and partners participating in our guitar event. We will encourage the guitarists to take a picture of themselves with the guitar or make a short video and post it on the event's Fb profile and Instagram. The best films will be featured in the clip of the World Guitar Record 2020.

In addition to the theme song "Hey Joe" by Jimi Hendrix, this year we also play a song by Budka Suflera "Jest taki samotny dom" in tribute to the recently deceased Romuald Lipka. For instructions on how to play it, see the "How to Play" tab on our website

As every year, the orchestra will be conducted by Leszek Cichoński!

Check the "How to Participate" section on how to join this year Record!