What is the World Guitar Record? The annual guitar festival is most of all an occasion for collective play, meetings and exchange of experience, and during this event, an attempt to break the Guinness record is made.

World Guitar Record coming soon! New artists and event details

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On 19 June thousands of guitarists will gather to perform the legendary Hey Joe by Jimi Hendrix in Wrocław and online. Among the artists helping them set the World Guitar Record are Piotr Bukartyk, Łukasz Łyczkowski and Wojciech Pilichowski. The charity action of the ZOBACZ MNIE Foundation is still on – you can win a unique guitar with a painting by Szymon Chwalisz.


Only a month to go! Participant registration for the event in Wrocław has started

On 19 June guitarists will get together to play Hey Joe by Jimi Hendrix for the 19th time. This year's World Guitar Record will take place both at the Pergola in the Centennial Hall complex and online. To take part in the live event in Wrocław, register your participation now. You can also join us and play online!


Polish rock stars at the World Guitar Record 2021

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Grzegorz and Patrycja Markowski, Grzegorz Skawiński and Jan Borysewicz are the first artists to help break the World Guitar Record on 19 June. This year the event will take place at the Pergola in Wrocław, as well as online. The orchestra will be conducted by Leszek Cichoński.


Adam Palma and Krzesimir Dębski to perform as a duo at the World Guitar Record

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Adam Palma, referred to as the Chopin of the guitar, and Krzesimir Dębski, an outstanding conductor and composer, have joined the group of artists to play at the World Guitar Record in Wrocław on 19 June. One of the highlights of the duo's performance will be Stevie Wonder's famous hit You Are The Sunshine Of My Life.


Go looking for dwarves with guitars and play Hey Joe with Leszek Cichoński. The World Guitar Record invites you to join the warm-up on 1 May!

This year the World Guitar Record will take place on 19 June at the Pergola in Wrocław; nevertheless, to celebrate the annual May Day festivities, we have decided to hold a warm-up. On 30 April, dwarves in Wrocław will be given guitars, and on 1 May Leszek Cichoński will give an online concert accompanied by workshops on how to play some top guitar hits. The event will be broadcast on Facebook.


The World Guitar Record has a new date – we meet on 19 June at the Pergola in Wrocław and online!

Guitarists of the world, community centres and guitar schools unite! The World Guitar Record has announced the official date of the event: the 19th edition of one of the greatest guitar music festivals will take place on 19 June at Wrocław's Pergola – part of the Centennial Hall complex, as well as online.



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This is the message impatiently awaited by thousands of guitarists and guitar fans in Poland and across the world. All the more, we are very excited to invite you to join us on 1 May 2021 and perform together as the World's Greatest Guitar Orchestra conducted by Leszek Cichoński, in an attempt to set a new World Guitar Record.


World Guitar Record on 1 May in the Wrocław Market Square and online

This year, thousands of guitar fans will once again come together to break the World Guitar Record. One of the biggest guitar music festivals will take place on 1 May, both live in the Wrocław Market Square and online. To celebrate the 30th anniversary of Leszek Cichoński's educational work, we have planned a series of free lessons preparing the participants to beat the record – the musicians will teach you to play such guitar hits as 'Hey Joe' or 'Little Wing' via Facebook and on YouTube.


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